The code of conduct applies to Players, Parents, and Coaches attached to the team.  We expect all involved to represent the Sanger Warriors in a respectful, classy, and dutiful manner.  Softball is a passionate game, especially when our kids are involved, but we have a responsibility to them, ourselves, and this team to control are emotions at all times.  We have a further responsibility to ensure that we provide a healthy, fun, and engaging environment that promotes learning and growth.  Please take this code with you on and off the field as you are a reflection of our team.

  1. Always be respectful; of players, parents, coaches, umpires, oppenents, EVERYBODY

  2. Always give 100%; in practice, in drills, in conditioning, in learning, in games, in EVERYTHING

  3. Always be prepared; to learn, to practice, to play, to adjust, to challenge yourself

  4. Always be positive, never negative

  5. Encourage each other

  6. No cussing or foul language

  7. Accept challenges

  8. Learn more and improve what you already know

  9. Every Sanger Warriors parent, player, and coach opinions matter

  10. Have fun